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October Dog Bytes


Photo by Art Stewart

In This Issue

A Note from the Editor

Hello Everyone,

Happy Fall!

We hope each family had a wonderful summer!

Sometimes it’s difficult to face the cooler, rainy days, but the colors of fall help to soften the transition.

If someone has a nice photo for the next issue, please send it our way. (December)

Have fun at all your dog events!

Dave and Janee’ Kemp Editors


This is an article Carol Callahan brought to our attention. A subject that none of us wants to face, but there is some good information here.


Also there has been some good information put out about water quality, or lack there of, and water plants that may be harmful to your dog in a natural swimming environment. Please be sure to check this out before you take your dog swimming. Most likely most of us are not swimming our dogs so much now, but  just in case.


Future Meetings

Here is the remaining meeting schedule for 2016

Oct 15th – English’s – Halloween Party ?

Nov 12th – Nosework Presentation at My Dog’s Gym in Salem

Dec 3rd – Christmas Party at Englishes.   NOTE:  this is earlier than in the past.

Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss a meeting.



    A nice brag from Larry and Betty Schwartz:
  • We finished our littermates championships, Vanity Fair’s Voluntaire (Vollie), and Vanity Fair’s Buttercup (Petal), in back-to-back 5 point majors on Sept. 17 and 18. Congratulations to the Vanity Fair Team!

Submit your brags to Dave and Janee’ Kemp: djkemp@oxbowess.com
Any brag donations should be sent or given to Mindy Perrez: min.perez@comcast.net
3207 NW Polk Ave
Corvallis, OR 97330

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